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Carpathia Watch Co. represents the return of the luxury watch brand to Chicago. We strive to create distinctive timepieces that embody tradition and cultural influence for a new era. Taking inspiration from this diverse, world-class city our watches are versatile yet timeless. Every Carpathia watch is designed in Chicago and assembled in Switzerland; influenced firmly by our European roots with a Swiss movement at heart.



Founder Mark Para is a lifetime watch enthusiast as well as a relentless discoverer and renovator of vintage watches.  With years of experience in restoration, he resolved to leave his mark on the world of fine timepieces. At Carpathia Watch Co. we relish the hands-on experience of creating something personal and to create a watch that outlives trends, continuing to be handed down in tradition for years to come.


Mark Para is Carpathia’s founder, designer, and watchmaker. He is a first-generation Polish-American, born in Chicago. A graphic artist by trade, he aspired to turn his lifelong passion for wristwatches into his main enterprise. He has designed watches for several other companies, and has spent years collecting and restoring vintage timepieces. His love of antiques extends to his vast collection of watchmaker’s tools including an original 1920’s J. H. Rosberg watchmaker’s desk manufactured in Chicago.

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