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Black Bros Italian leather strap

Black Bros Italian leather strap

$49.00 Regular Price
$36.75Sale Price

Bros 22m Genuine Italian leather strap with stainless steel clasp. 



Bros Manifatture has always been synonymous with quality and innovation in the production and marketing of high quality watch straps. Founded in the 70s, it has managed, over the years, to obtain the productive and stylistic know-how that has allowed the company to dictate the fashion of the most important watch accessory. The distinctive feature and pride of the Marche house has always been the craftsmanship of its products, made entirely by hand by expert craftsmen, today as 30 years ago.

A production of excellence that focuses mainly on a high-end product that does not fear comparisons in terms of quality, refinement and attention to detail. Quality that begins with the choice of leathers to be used. The hides, coming from the best European tanneries, are naturally tanned without the use of harmful chemicals for the environment such as pentachlorophenol, in compliance with the directives of the European Union. The hides, of the highest quality, are rigorously selected to be cut according to the most ancient manufacturing techniques.


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